Be Taylor Productions Unveils Plans to Launch Brand, Introduce New Comic Book, Offer Products & More

Southeast Production Company Launches Its Official Brand, Plus Release of New Book and Children's Merchandising Products

STARR Comic Book

​​​​Be Taylor Productions, an innovative production company that is motivated by cultivating new concepts, app technology, incorporating the fusion of artificial intelligence, and merchandising, announced today that it has officially launched its brand. This brand will feature the company’s logo and new innovative websites that will increase the customer's experience and the vision of Be Taylor Productions.

Along with the company’s new logo and websites, Be Taylor Productions will also be releasing multiple projects including the Kyndal’s World website, merchandise and the first book of the Kyndal’s World series “True Friendship.” In addition, Be Taylor Productions will introduce the comic book and merchandise for “STARR,” which will all be exclusively sold online at Be Taylor Productions has a renewed focus on new innovative content and the power, community impact, and growth potential of merchandising which will be the core of its business structure.

Be Taylor Productions' new mobile-optimized websites are designed to be responsive and heighten the level in customer engagement and consumer experience.

“We are excited about the launch of Be Taylor Productions. Our focus is to not only create a brand that visually attracts consumers but also connects with the customer's everyday life experiences. We have created an inviting community where both children and adults are welcome,” says Brian Taylor, founder of Be Taylor Productions. “We are creating tomorrow today.”

As Be Taylor Productions opens its doors to the world, it is also developing a number of books, merchandise, and animation that serve the masses of both young and older audiences. These items include:

  • Kyndal’s World “Imagine that!"
  • STARR Comic Book
  • Magnificent Seven - Coming 2021 
  • The Great Adventures of Lil Be - Coming in 2021

Kyndal’s World offers a safe, educational and entertaining environment to children of all backgrounds, communities, family structures and races. Kyndal’s World has inspired designs from t-shirts, notebooks, back-to-school kits, magnets, and assorted bracelets that can also be purchased via Amazon. True Friendship is the first book in the Kyndal’s World series. It’s a story that captures the imagination of children and the endless possibilities they can achieve when they come together. Imagine that! It also introduces Kyndal’s friends as they come together for one of their friends who is dealing with the recent diagnosis of autism.

STARR Comic Book is a “new age comic book.” It’s the story of a single mother of two with the weight of the world on her shoulders when she suddenly experiences a pain that unleashes a power in her that no one has ever seen before. STARR!

Kyndal’s World merchandise, True Friendship and the STARR Comic Book are officially on the market and can now be purchased online at In addition, Be Taylor Productions will donate a portion of all proceeds to Caleb's Kids.

Be Taylor Productions is nationally certified by the Carolinas-Virginia Minority Supplier Development Council as an MBE. To explore the new website designs and learn more about the products and services offered, visit and  

Source: Be Taylor Productions