BDPA Partners With PepWear

BDPA is proud to announce a brand new partnership with PepWear. PepWear is the national leader in offering commemorative merchandise at marching contests and clinic concerts and has a custom-order business primarily serving school music groups. 

"BDPA is excited to be partnering with PepWear for all our merchandise needs," remarked Executive Director, Shawn Gallant. "Their commitment to new merchandise and modern shopping experience aligns with BDPA's commitment to excellence. This is a powerful partnership with PepWear's over 30 years of experience in the marching arts with BDPA's Championship programs with decades of history. We are looking forward to the exciting opportunities that will come from this amazing partnership."

This partnership is the next big step for both championship organizations. The fresh merchandise and modern shopping experience will ensure future growth for The Blue Devils and RCC Indoor Percussion. The mission is to give fans merchandise they can get excited about and to help grow the fan-base even more. This is a strong partnership between two companies that have been a part of the marching community for over 30 years, with decades of history.

“This announcement is a game changer in terms of the way drum corps approach onsite and online merchandising,” said Craig Johnson, president of PepWear. “We are humbled that this world champion drum corps has trusted us with merchandising their brand and we intend to deliver a best-in-class shopping experience for their fans.”

PepWear will be the engine behind the BD Pro Shop both online as well as at all of the shows on The Blue Devils tour. 

BDPA would like to send a heartfelt thank you to Marching Apparel and Robert Taylor for all of their hard work and support for the last three years. 

Learn more about The BD Pro Shop.

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