Baxter of California Celebrates 55 Years of Pioneering Men's Grooming

The iconic LA-based brand looks back on the history of men's grooming and honors its Founder by dedicating December 7 as Baxter Finley Day

Baxter of California, the pioneer brand of men's grooming founded in Venice Beach in 1965, celebrates 55 years of success in the men's grooming world, from several award-winning products and innovative formulas to impactful messaging around #LifeLivedTrue, its signature hashtag.

Back in 1965, Baxter Finley, the Founder of Baxter of California, had trouble finding skincare products made for men. At the time, there was no market for men's personal care—so he decided to create it.

"Baxter of California has gained a cult following amongst consumers, retailers, celebrities and industry professionals alike, proving Baxter Finley's vision for the men's grooming market an important one," says Ilana Roby, Head of Global Marketing at Baxter of California. "I'm thrilled at everything we've been able to accomplish over the last 55 years as a leader in men's grooming—and look forward to another 55 years!"

One of the brand's star-products to this day, the Super Shape Skin Recharge Cream, was the first product developed by Mr. Finley himself. As the interest in men's grooming grew in the coming years, so did Baxter of California and the brand's range of products in the skin, hair and shaving categories. The brand's roots in Los Angeles have inspired its core values and products to come from a place of individualization—self-care for you.

"Baxter of California provides quality and consistency that is unmatched," says Josh Velazquez, Lead Artist and Educator for Baxter of California. "They are always evolving to be better than they were yesterday, and their longevity is a testament to that."

In celebration of this momentous anniversary, Baxter of California has dedicated today, December 7th, as Baxter Finley Day in honor of the brand's iconic founder. Consumers can enjoy special deals on exclusive kits and bundles featuring star products in the 2020 Holiday Shop, as well as celebrate with the brand digitally by following @BaxterofCA on Instagram.



Since 1965, Baxter of California has been a pioneer in understanding and meeting personal care needs. Our curated range of hair, skin, shave and body essentials and lifestyle products are all tried and tested by master barbers at our award-winning Baxter Finley Barber & Shop in Los Angeles. Our products are designed for quality and versatility to provide consumers with everything they need to confidently be who they are. @BaxterofCa #LifeLivedTrue

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Source: Baxter of California


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