Baxter & Brunello Lays Foundation for Kinetic Labs - SMB-Focused Micro Private Equity Arm

Baxter & Brunello

Baxter & Brunello (B&B) has been silently laying the groundwork for Kinetic Labs: a proof-of-concept micro private equity arm funded by a combination of the parent company's revenues and partner capital contributions as necessary.

Focused on leveraged buyout style deals located on either coast, Kinetic Labs will purchase distressed or stagnant small-to-medium consulting, services, or e-commerce businesses with revenues between $100K and $1M, and use the might of the Baxter & Brunello operational infrastructure teams along with the partners' deep domestic and international networks and extensive experience, to catalyze revenues ten-fold in a two-year period instead of the traditional "five to eight" that most smaller private equity firms target. 

The B&B team has already set their sights on several target companies in the pharmaceutical and technology consulting space. Applications and due diligence will be conducted through the TABS Suite, which is Baxter & Brunello's most promising portfolio company and testament to the strengths and expertise of the parent company's management team, who have brought the two-year-old diligence platform to a global audience and an 8-figure-valuation.

Baxter & Brunello is a powerful team of ex-founders and investors turned I/O-psychology-driven venture architects, well-versed in the principles and execution of operationally efficient infrastructure. B&B focuses on optimizing early to mid-stage technology ventures and SMBs that are experiencing or anticipating rapid momentum, resulting in what can be best described as Growth Hacking-as-a-Service. 

Senior Advisor and hands-on scale specialist Unnat Bak says that "the move comes at a time where many businesses are fighting the inevitable flatline phase of the corporate development model as well as the need to integrate technology and in some cases, develop and own intellectual property in order to achieve higher-than-average exit multiples." He goes on to explain that the B&B team will assist each portfolio company with their "hockey stick growth" by gaining them large-value corporate contracts along with new distribution, supplier, and potential franchising opportunities in European and Asian markets to supplement their growth within the U.S.

Baxter & Brunello is expected to begin hiring a portfolio support team to fortify the senior B&B partners on each deal in the coming months. The team for Kinetic Labs will occupy a section of the Baxter & Brunello offices in Boston and London, interwoven with the management teams of portfolio companies for maximum collaborative efficiency.

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