Battle Stage Plays Launches Kickstarter Campaign; Donors Play the "Starring Roles" in This Production

Baltimore-based production company Battle Stage Plays has been drawing sell-out audiences to our dynamic stage plays. People from all over the country travel to Baltimore, Maryland to see our productions. Due to the success and demand of our stage plays, we have launched a Kickstarter Campaign to cover developmental costs to move closer towards touring our phenomenal plays.

​Baltimore-based production company Battle Stage Plays officially launched its Kickstarter Campaign on September 1, 2015.  Through the campaign, Battle Stage Plays is seeking to raise funds to cover developmental costs to move closer towards touring its dynamic hit stage plays. Battle Stage Plays has set an initial funding goal of $5,000, which it must reach in 35 days in order for its Kickstarter Campaign to be successfully-funded.

Battle Stage Plays presents original stage play productions written by Ursula V. Battle, who is also the Project Creator for the Battle Stage Plays Kickstarter Campaign. The name of the exciting Campaign is “Play a Supporting Role in Kickstarting a Battle Stage Plays National Tour.” The Campaign is included under Kickstarter’s “Theater” category. 

"Play a Supporting Role in Kickstarting a Battle Stage Plays National Tour"

Playwright Battle, CEO

In the wake of the Freddie Gray riots, the Campaign also highlights that Baltimore City is home to many talented African-American youths, with several having appeared in the company’s stage plays.   

Most recently, Ursula V. Battle’s DisChord in The Choir played before sell-out audiences at Johns Hopkins’ Turner Auditorium. Other hit stage play productions include Ursula V. Battle’s The Teachers’ Lounge, which also played before sell-out audiences. On December 19-20, 2015, her highly anticipated production, Ursula V. Battle’s My Big Phat Ghetto FABULE$$ Wedding will debut at Turner Auditorium, under the directorship of Battle Stage Plays Volunteer, Dr. Gregory Wm. Branch. Dr. Branch is also Director of Unified Voices (UV) of Johns Hopkins.

Battle Stage Plays’ Kickstarter “Backers” can pledge anywhere from $1 to $10,000 with the pledge amount determining which great “Award” they will receive. Awards include show tickets for My Big Phat Ghetto FABULE$$ Wedding, t-shirts, and a walk-on appearance during one of the shows. Early Backers can also take advantage of a limited number of “Early Bird Specials.”

“We have people who travel from Washington, D.C., California, and other areas to see our productions,” said Playwright Battle. “There is a growing demand to take our plays on the road. Kickstarter provides a wonderful opportunity for us to do just that. We are hoping to exceed our initial $5,000 goal. The more we raise, the more we can do. This includes booking our shows at major theatrical venues and hiring needed personnel. We are asking everyone to support this campaign to help move us closer to turning our tour dreams into a reality.”

Kickstarter is a global crowdfunding platform for creative projects. Kickstarter ideas are brought to life through the direct support of others. Funding on Kickstarter is all-or-nothing.  

Battle Stage Plays’ Kickstarter page can be found in the Theater section on Kickstarter.  For more information call (443) 531-4787.