Battle for Fittest Will Come Down to Resilience and Recovery

Reebok CrossFit Games Finals launch today. Serious athletes looking to perform at peak performance have to plan for muscle and nervous system recovery.

Kettlebell Clean

The Finals of the CrossFit Games launched today in Wisconsin. Whether you're getting ready to take a crack at your first WOD or have done more kipping pull-ups than you can count, the athletes competing in the 2017 Finals are sure to provide the motivation we need to push ourselves extra hard at our local boxes.

Anyone who's walked away from a WOD like the Murph knows why we're drawn to CrossFit above all other types of physical activity: variety, camaraderie, and the highest-intensity you'll find anywhere. We don't want to be the best at any one thing. We just want to be our PERSONAL BEST. The impact on our bodies is just as unique as the daily workouts. Moving from farmer's carries to pushups to push jerks and back again will cause wear and tear on our muscles and joints that we wouldn't experience with any other.

Prime athletes know that for the body to function at optimal performance, it is more than hydration. It is about preparing the body to be resilient and for fast recovery.

David Simpson, Senior Vice President

If we want to see our performance increase the most over time, we have to be just as serious about our recovery on rest days as we are about the medicine ball cleans and weighted muscle ups. Our bodies are already doing the work on rest days in order to start cutting back on the inflammation and lactic acid build up. Luckily, there's another system at play that we can use to help support our natural repair cycle: Our Endocannabinoid System (or ECS).

Our ECS is a system of receptors in our brain and nervous system that helps our body regulate and perform several physiological functions. Our bodies naturally produce the endocannabinoids that interact with our ECS, but a deficiency can make it difficult for our endocannabinoid system to run at peak efficiency. Daily doses of CBD have the potential to help avoid these deficiencies. When we're pushing ourselves extra hard in workouts and putting our recovery systems into overdrive, we can't afford to have any link the chain slowing us down. CBD supports the proper function of our ECS, which in turn benefits our natural ability to recover.

When we've just put our muscles and joints through a gauntlet of GHD sit-ups, 15 foot rope climbs, and 400-meter runs, our recovery systems need to perform at the same level to keep us in the game. Using hemp extracts to provide a daily dose of CBD can promote a healthy ECS and improve our post-WOD recovery. Better recovery means better performance gains, so the next time we hit the box we're ready to blow our max reps and best times out of the water.

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