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The gaming industry is progressing like no other. The trend for gamers has shifted from playing typical video games to digital blockchain P2E games where they have the opportunity to earn. The global gaming industry is expected to reach an evaluation of $268 Billion by 2025.

Introducing the first ever spacecrafts based P&E NFT game, "Battle Craft". Space is the limit and Battle Craft is another step towards a metaverse of opportunities and unlimited possibilities. Battle Craft is a play and earn (P&E) NFT game featuring a variety of space crafts for the players to fly and compete in deadly battles to earn. The P&E Model makes Battle Craft a rewarding and exciting game for players as compared to P2E games. Battle Craft's $CHRG  is an ARC20 token, powered by Avalanche network. $CHRG is the token of every pilot in Battle Craft's metaverse, and will be used for different activities and processes involved in the Battle Craft meta space.

Being in the hottest trend of NFTs in the Crypto Industry is one of the great challenges. According to Jefferies, the NFT Market will reach more than $80 Billion in value by 2025. NFTs seem to be the future of the gaming industry revolutionizing it in multiple ways. NFT games empower the players to own and trade their in-game assets on the NFT Marketplace as well. Battle Craft provides the leverage to have a provable ownership of the space craft assets in the form of NFTs and empowers to fully provide the ability to choose, own, and monetize them using $CHRG.

What's so Unique About Battle Craft? Battle Craft is the first ever Sci-fi and high-quality space crafts-based NFT game on blockchain, with the cherry on top feature that is VR Support. Players can dwell into the VR experience and enjoy the 3D space while competing in a battle. Secondly, owning a great asset like a Space Station is also unique offering great opportunities lying around if anyone owns a Space Station in the Spaceverse of Battle Craft. Space Stations will be providing charging spots, weapon upgrades, and all facilities for all combat spacecrafts. Owning a Space Station will let one earn passive income along with exploring many other earning opportunities in the Battle Craft metaverse.

$CHRG governance model is well founded by the Battle Craft's team to back every investor and gamer. Battle Craft's team works in a professional environment with best possible expertise to gear up the project on a whole different level. The seed sale round of Battle Craft has been closed whereas the BattleCraft $CHRG IGO sale date is expected to be announced in the upcoming days. 

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