BatteryJack Inc. Introduces New Terminal Design for PowerStar Motorcycle Batteries PM30L-BS

PowerStar Motorcycle Batteries has recently introduced a new terminal connection design that is much more similar to the OEM Design, allowing for quicker and easier installation and replacement of the battery.

PowerStar PM30L-BS Motorcycle battery with new terminal position

PowerStar SLA Batteries has been a leading source for high-quality advanced AGM batteries for almost 13 years. PowerStar, PowerStar H-D and Banshee are trademark brands. These brands are recognized as the leading offerings in motorcycle battery replacement category, offering an industry-high four-year warranty. 

As a leader in this industry, PowerStar is constantly striving to improve performance and user experience. PowerStar has just recently introduced the PM30L-BS  replacement for YTX30L-BS with terminals that are designed to improve fit and connection. These new replacement motorcycle batteries fit many Harley Cruiser and tour bikes. The new terminal/connection configuration is a 100% compatible replacement. 

These new terminals are exactly like the original OEM original battery and are easier to replace.

Ron Johnson

Owner RJ Custom Bikes

In the past, many owners of these bikes have noted the difficulty replacing the OEM Harley battery with a replacement model. PowerStar listened to these customers and modified the terminals to eliminate this problem. The new PM30L-BS Powerstar, PowerStar H-D, PM30L-BS-HD and Banshee 30L-BS models will have the new terminals for easier replacement and connection. The new battery terminal is located closer to the front of the battery and offers top and side mount options. 

As always - these models offer industry-best warranty, cranking amps and cold cranking amps. 

BatteryJack nc., is the exclusive distributor and reseller of PowerStar Trademark batteries. 

Source: BatteryJack Inc.


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