Batcave Helps Save 7-Year-Old Cancer Patient

The M.U.C.H. Foundation is having a community fundraiser for the needs of the Verbanas Family which will take place Wednesday, March 1, 2017 from 6:30 PM to 10:00 PM (EST). Hosted by Bill Church at the The Quaker Steak and Lube on 49th St, Quaker Steak has also generously offered to donate financially from their organization as well as provide the location and support.

Ty Verbanas, a seven-year-old boy was told that he had an aggressive brain tumor that had covered his carotid artery, grown through one of his optic nerves and had covered the entire frontal lobe of his brain. His mother, Mary was informed that the only option to provide him with a chance at life was an emergency surgery with only a 27% chance of surviving the surgery.  Ty was afraid and spent his time asking his mother questions about death and if it would hurt really bad. His only request when asked, was that he could visit the Batman in his Batcave before his surgery.

The M.U.C.H. Foundation was told of his dream and brought together a team of movie producers, fabricators, celebrities and volunteers to construct a replica of a Batcave in less than 48 hours. Ty was surprised by a sudden appearance of Batman, and took a ride in a Batmobile to the Batcave. Ty’s dream came true and he spent the next three nights leading up to his surgery asking his mother how fast his recovery will be so that he can begin his crime-fighting training with Batman. The last words he spoke as he was going under anesthesia were, “I hope I get better fast because I have to learn how to fight crime.”  

After hours in surgery and almost losing him in a seizure on the table, Ty awoke briefly and recognized his mother which showed such cognitive promise then he fell into a deep coma. The doctors told Mom they would do an EEG in the morning and to expected no higher brain function. Mary was told that in the morning, she needed to be prepared to give the word to shut off the machines keeping Ty alive. An hour before the EEG test, Ty snapped awake and and became responsive. His progress since that moment has amazed his surgeons and they are calling this nothing short of miraculous. Ty is alive with some cognitive and motor skill damage and is looking forward to fighting crime here in Tampa Bay alongside his partner, Batman.

The M.U.C.H. Foundation’s name stands for “Makers United for Children’s Hope Foundation”.We work to bring hope into the lives of children and families that are facing these moments of fear and uncertainty. We have over 350 volunteers in the central Florida dedicated to these families. Our other divisions include, Advanced Robotic Research and Design for pediatric artificial limbs, Wheelchair and Custom Mobility Design for our young athletes and Home Remodel and Interior Design for restoring the dignity of our young amputees in their kitchens and bathrooms.

Please direct any inquiries about the Verbanas family or any of our other projects to:
​Exec Dir.  Zachary Hurst

Source: M.U.C.H. Foundation


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