Basketball Tournament App Gamifies the Bracket, Lets You Switch Picks in Exchange for Points During Live Games

Switch Bracket Picks During Live Games, in Exchange for Points, with FREE Tournament App That Gamifies the Bracket, Team Groups Available, Join or Create Private/Public Tournament Pools.

The stats don’t lie: You’re more likely to die an excruciating death by vending machine (or become President) than fill out a perfect NCAA Tournament bracket. The odds of a perfect bracket are, in fact, 1 in 9.2 quintillion, according to mathematicians. That adds up to a lot of busted brackets, considering over 70 million brackets will be filled out prior to tournament tip-off on March 17th. .

== No more busted brackets! ==

There's something special and untouchable about the basketball tournament, like buying a lottery ticket. But there's more to it than luck, and 247 Realtime Brackets give fans the chance to play, like fantasy football, at a deeper level. 247 Realtime Brackets is changing the way people get involved with the tournament. In years past, fans filled out brackets and crossed their fingers. With 247 Realtime Brackets, fans stay engaged all tournament long in a way that requires strategy.

247 Realtime Brackets, Presented by Reese's

247 Realtime Brackets, presented by Reese’s, is the first bracket game that lets you switch picks during live games and between tournament rounds, in exchange for points, to keep brackets alive past the early rounds.

But it’s not as easy as it sounds: Scoring your bracket depends on when you make team switches in-game or between tournament rounds, since points depreciate as both the tournament and games progress. Basketball enthusiasts who use 247 Realtime Brackets can also join their team’s group (and create their own), play the traditional way by tracking their original bracket alongside their realtime bracket, get score alerts when their picks are down, and re-pick after losses to stay in the action.

247 Realtime Brackets is available for free on iPhone and Android, and on desktop, at