Basecamp Leads Launches Innovative B2B Lead Generation Platform for Sales & Marketing Professionals

Basecamp Leads' new business intelligence platform provides sales and marketing professionals access to contact data on 29 million companies throughout the US.

Basecamp Leads (, owner of one of the largest business intelligence databases in the US, announced its release of an innovative new business-to-business (B2B) lead generation platform. It is a simple and potent B2B list building and lead generation tool designed to help business owners, sales professionals, and marketing specialists save time and money on B2B prospecting tasks.

Basecamp Leads gives small businesses a unique way to access sales leads and business intelligence data on 29 million companies in the US, in order to help business owners, along with sales and marketing teams, fuel their B2B sales funnels and reach their ideal prospects.  

“We help sales and marketing professionals save time and succeed by giving them the raw data and cold leads they need to grow their business,” said Chris Robbins, founder of Basecamp Leads. “The goal is to give our customers the highest quality B2B lead data at the best price, and to get them out of the time-consuming habit of manually prospecting on the Internet. Our beta customers saved about 10 hours a month thanks to this platform.”

Basecamp Leads ( is an economical option, with plans starting at $49.99/month. Leads cost about five cents each, the company said, with 1,000 included in the monthly base price. Additional leads above the monthly allotment are priced at the same rate of five cents each.

The company said it has further features planned for Basecamp Leads to provide businesses with even more cost-effective and efficient ways to gather lead data. “This is an excellent start to what we envision for the future, but our customers have given us great feedback and you should expect even better features in the next few months,” Robbins said.

About Basecamp Leads
Formed in 2014 by top industry executives, private investors, and small business owners, Basecamp Leads is revolutionizing the way small businesses gather sales leads, data and business intelligence. Basecamp Leads believes useful knowledge should be shared, and they have built a data-discovery platform that better addresses the unmet needs of businesses in America. Learn more at or call 844-215-8146.


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