Barrus Injury Lawyers Secures Six Figure Verdict for Dog Bite Victim With Only Minor Injuries

Stacey Barrus of Barrus Injury Lawyers, a leading group of personal injury lawyers in San Antonio, Texas, successfully secures a 6-figure judgment for client, a dog bite victim with minor injuries

Barrus Injury Lawyers, a group of San Antonio injury attorneys who handle a wide range of civil litigation cases, recently secured asix-figure verdict for a dog bite victim with only minor injuries. Renowned San Antonio dog bite attorney, Stacey Barrus, successfully obtained a decision of $103,622.00 for a client with injuries resulting from a dog bite, which led to only $400.00 in medical bills.

In court, Barrus argued that the scars and emotional trauma resulting from the dog attack were worth much more than the $400 in medical expenses provided to his client as compensation for her injuries. The judge eventually reached a judgment that agreed with Barrus’ points, rewarding his client with a fair judgment.

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Statistics show that around 77.5 million dogs are owned as pets in the United States, making them one of the country’s most popular domesticated animals. But this popularity has also contributed to a huge number of dog bite cases, with approximately 4.5 million people in the United States suffering from dog bite injuries. While most of these incidents do not require serious medical attention, thousands of patients are still treated in emergency departments all over the country each year for injuries resulting from dog bites. However, the same study also showed that the average cost of a hospital stay resulting from a dog bite was $18,200—half as much as the average injury-related hospital stay.

In addition, a 2012 statistics report by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons shows that over 27,000 people turned to reconstructive surgery after being bitten by dogs.

These statistics highlight the importance of hiring a competent dog bite lawyer in San Antonio, who can help individuals suffering from dog bite injuries get the compensation they deserve from the owners of the pets that bit them. Barrus Injury Lawyers represents injured persons who have suffered injuries from animal attacks, providing legal counsel on how to proceed with their claim.

As the state of Texas observes the “no free bite” rule, individuals bitten by dogs may be entitled to compensation for their injuries, even if the concerned dog has never bitten anyone before. People who have injured by a dog, or any other animal for that matter, are advised to turn to the services of a San Antonio dog bite attorney from the Barrus Law Group to learn about their legal rights. The firm’s experienced dog bite lawyers in San Antonio provide free consultation to injured parties, helping assess their case and chances of a successful claim.

Dog bites and other animal attacks can result in serious physical injury, ranging from scarring, to major disfigurement. In many cases, the injured individual can be a child, and the costs of medical treatment, rehabilitation, and plastic surgery can be high. Barrus Injury Lawyers handle many San Antonio dog bite cases, and have the expertise and experience in advocating for their clients, helping them recover and receive fair compensation for their medical expenses, lost income, and trauma.

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