Barrington Place Alzheimer's Special Care Center Offers a Chance to Experience What It's Like Living With Dementia

Barrington Place Alzheimer’s Special Care Center, a leader in providing quality care and housing services to people living with memory loss, is hosting a special event designed to help caregivers experience the challenges of living with dementia. Dementia Live is an innovative program designed by a team of dementia experts from AGE-u-cate Training Institute. This special event will be held on Wednesday, March 11, at the community located at 1404 N 2000 W Clinton, UT 84015.

Dementia Live uses special gear to help simulate the cognitive impairments and sensory changes that are part of living with dementia. Participants will gain a sense of the obstacles and difficulties those living with dementia face on a daily basis.

“The goal of this program is to give caregivers a greater sense of understanding and empathy for what their loved ones face every day,” says Dale Parker, Administrator. “By having a greater understanding, we hope to foster a greater sense of compassion, helping caregivers to provide better support for the ones they love.” 

If you are interested in attending this special event, please call Barrington Place Alzheimer’s Special Care Center at 801-528-3841.

Source: Barrington Place Alzheimer's Special Care Center


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