Barn Star Announces Launch of New Stencil Line

Durable Plastic Stencil by Barn Star

Crafters and makers on the lookout for trendy stencils for painting their own signs have just been offered a unique opportunity to acquire some quite easily. This is thanks to a recent announcement made by Bethany Iverson – a renowned designer of stencil products by Barn Star.

The idea behind Barn Star stencils was first conceived by Bethany back in 2015. This mother of three had been painting signs with material that was only good for one use. Not only was this pricey but took extra time to create the design each time she wanted to paint.

Barn Star stencils are built using materials that are revolutionary. Not only are they completely clear so you can see the item you're painting without obstruction they are extremely durable to be reused over and over again. This innovative technology is something new to add to the wonderful products already available on the market. The end result is that a maker gets a perfect sign every time.

Fans of Barn Star have eagerly anticipated the new collection, which officially launched on January 24, 2018. Each stencil and super bundle is offered in limited quantities to ensure uniqueness.

The product line contains a variety of designs which were developed in consultation with sign makers.

Bethany says, “I’m thrilled to release my new 2018 line, perfect for home decor, that my maker audience helped develop. Following current trends, they helped choose everything from quotes to patterns”.

Bethany describes her small business as nothing short of a miracle for herself and those who enjoy her work:

"Barn Star was born out of necessity. I started making stencils for myself and friends started asking for their own sets. The business has just grown from there. My customers have a huge say in the designs I create. I wouldn't have a business without them."

The variety of designs and patterns means that every crafter can find the perfect stencil to show off their personality. Therefore, these stencils provide an opportunity for trendy sign makers to not only easily paint their own sign, but also display their sense of individualism and style.

Bethany says, “We have some really great products that will be released in the next few months including a high-end brush kit. Our goal is to make your painting life stress free with maximum fun.”

About Barn Star

Barn Star is an innovative company dedicated to designing trendy stencils to paint your own sign. Founded in 2015, its mission has been to offer people an opportunity to easily paint trendy designs– while being able to reuse the stencil over and over again. The stencils feature unique designs which are patterned after animals, flowers, and quotes. All its products can be viewed on the official website, 

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About Barn Star

Barn Star is an innovative company dedicated to designing trendy stencils to paint your own signs.

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