BarkTrivia Night - Not Your Typical Walk in the Park

BarkBox & Museum Hack collaborate to present BarkTrivia, an interactive event for both humans and dogs

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Museum Hack is an NYC company that is best known for their renegade museum tours; however, they also provide team building engagements and partner with companies to maximize promotional events. BarkBox, another New York City based company, teamed up with Museum Hack to produce BarkTrivia Night. BarkTrivia is a onetime event on June 13th at 7pm held at the BarkBox headquarters in lower Manhattan. Veteran Museum Hack tour guides, Kate Downey and Kate Villa, will test your knowledge of canine history, with questions like, “what presidential privilege did James Garfield name his dog after?” The victors receive exclusive prizes from BarkBox! Attendees are encourage to bring their four legged friend(s) and biodegradable, waste bags. Tickets are limited, reserve yours here.

There weren't enough pieces in the museum about dogs for a few of us dog-obsessed Museum Hackers. So we teamed up with BarkBox and their awesome community of dog lovers for BarkTrivia night! This isn't your grandma's trivia - there's photo challenges, races, and of course, the weirdest and most scandalous dog stories you ever heard." – Kate Downey | VIP Sales Associate and Renegade Tour Guide

BarkTrivia Night is the latest in a series of community events co-hosted by BarkBox and Museum Hack, affectionately referenced as ‘trivia for dog enthusiasts’. These events foster connections and create a tight-knit community of dog lovers in NYC. BarkBox provides the best treats, toys, and new products for your pooch, delivered straight to your door.  

Museum Hack provides interactive museum experiences that attract diverse audiences and foster new connections.  They also work with companies to maximize promotional events. Founded in 2013 by CEO Nick Gray; Museum Hack currently offers alternative museum tours in New York City, San Francisco and Washington D.C

If you would like more information about BarkTrivia Night, please contact Kate Downey | VIP Sales Associate and Renegade Tour Guide at

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