Barb Leon, RN, MSN, PHN's New Book 'Walking Onto Sacred Ground' is a Collection of Memories From the Author's Career as a Nurse Shared to Help Ease Anxieties About Death

Fulton Books author Barb Leon, RN, MSN, PHN, a registered nurse who found her calling in caring for cancer patients, has completed her most recent book "Walking onto Sacred Ground: Sharing a Registered Nurses' Career in Oncology and Hospice, to Diminish the Fear and Anxiety About Death": a beautiful examination of the peace and serenity found at the end of life.

"Death, a subject not talked about freely by many of us, is commonly ignored although it is an important discussion to have," shares Leon. "The lack of this discussion results in a continued fear and anxiety that surrounds this finite end of life as we know it. As a registered nurse, it is my belief that dealing with these emotions rather than avoiding the subject of death is to understand our role in life, to realize we are all mortals, and that it is our destiny to live and die.

"This life event is something none of us can bargain ourselves out of although we may feel we need to stay on earth forever for our own personal reasons. When we acknowledge that we have such a short period of time to live, and we have only this one life on earth, then this will hopefully allow us to live life to the fullest. Rather than procrastinating what we wish we could do tomorrow, do what you wish to do today and stop living in fear and anxiety.

"In all my years of being present during a patient's death, this moment, as the end of life as we know it, should not be feared. Do know when I reflect on the patients I cared for in the hospital and in the hospice setting present for the end of life, their passing was serene, peaceful, without pain, and without fear."

Published by Fulton Books, Barb Leon, RN, MSN, PHN's book draws from the author's vast experiences as an oncology and hospice nurse and attempts to demystify death and what occurs at the end of one's life. Though a natural part of life, Leon acknowledges the anxieties that often surround death, and she uses her stories in the hopes of easing these tensions.

Readers who wish to experience this relevant work can purchase "Walking onto Sacred Ground: Sharing a Registered Nurses' Career in Oncology and Hospice, to Diminish the Fear and Anxiety About Death" at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.

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