Baobab Studios Partners With TechRow to Provide Indigenous Story 'Crow: The Legend' to New York City Public Schools for Remote and Classroom Learning, Enhancing Teaching Curriculum

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With the spread of COVID-19 causing statewide closures, keeping students engaged at home during this crisis requires innovation and technology. To help further the education and development of New York City public school children during this time, Baobab Studios, in partnership with TechRow, is bringing Crow: The Legend to the TechRow platform. 

Created by writer/director Eric Darnell (Madagascar, Antz!), the diverse star-studded cast, led by John Legend and Executive Produced by Native Americans in Philanthropy, felt this Native American legend needed to be shared to help heal through education and entertainment supporting cultural revitalization. Furthermore, it was important to share an indigenous worldview, which is focused more on community, which often contrasts with Western, which focuses on the linear individual.

Students will be able to view the VR experience in the comfort of their own homes on a wide variety of headsets and devices. With over 50 million students attending public schooling, the majority of which are learning from home, the need for high-quality educational content is greater than ever.

“We are proud to partner with TechRow to bring Crow to more students and get them excited about VR storytelling and all the diverse untold stories,” says Maureen Fan, CEO of Baobab Studios. “Crow: The Legend is about bringing light back to a darkened world; we hope by sharing Crow with school children it can help lift their spirits and teach them about Native storytelling in a difficult time.”

“Curriculums across the country contain units on Native Americans and their rich history. We are proud to be able to not only enable those courses through our work with Baobab Studios but also bring that learning to life for the students who access it, whether in school or at home. We understand that each student learns a different way; and by making learning more accessible, they become far more engaged and excited. We are thrilled to partner with Boabab Studios to bring Crow, and hopefully other amazing stories like it, to life for children everywhere,” said Travis Feldler, Founder and CEO, TechRow.

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TechRow is an education organization based in Harlem, NY, that leverages immersive media and technology solutions for remote and classroom-based learning. We have reached thousands of students with immersive technology experiences. Our focus is on removing barriers and enhancing student experiences through a dynamic learning platform that harnesses premium and engaging content.

Baobab Studios:

Six-time Emmy Award-winning Baobab Studios is the world's leading independent interactive narrative animation studio. Named Fast Company's 2018 Most Innovative Company, Baobab is creatively led by Eric Darnell, the writer and director of all four Madagascar films. In a first, Hollywood is taking Baobab's VR IP to become a feature film: Roth Kirschenbaum Films is adapting INVASION! into a feature film.  

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6-time Emmy Award winning Baobab Studios is the world's leading independent interactive narrative animation studio. Our mission: Bring out your sense of wonder. Inspire you to dream. Make YOU matter.