Banyan Tech Academy Launches New Programming Courses for Kids & Adults

Instructor-led online Javascript Game Coding course makes learning to code accessible to everyone!

Banyan Tech Academy announces the availability of new coding courses for kids and adults that make learning to code easier than ever before.

“Our mission is to make learning to code easy so that anyone who wants to can be a programmer," states Scott Warner, Founder of Banyan Tech Academy.

"Learning to Code is like acquiring a super-power - just without the fancy cape."

Scott Warner, Founder

Banyan Tech Academy uses an advanced virtual coding classroom that let’s instructors and students work on code at the same time. Instructors monitor student’s progress and provide assistance as needed. Learning to code is challenging for anyone. The step by step course breaks it down with fun coding projects and a learn-by-discovery approach.

“Our philosophy on learning to code is simple: it’s much better to learn through hands-on discovery. Students develop better learning skills as a by-product of learning to code,” states Mr. Warner,

Banyan Tech Academy offers after school and evening courses for ages 8-11, 12-15 and adults. Courses are very affordable and require no long term commitment or contract.

Each course is only 2 hours per week. Students with no previous coding experience will develop a mastery of important programming concepts and Javascript. Students completing the course receive a certificate and will have a portfolio of sample programs to provide to any prospective employer.

Benefits of Learning to Code

Kids who learn to code will have better college and career prospects. Coding enhances cognitive skills including problem-solving, analysis, decision-making, planning, reasoning and others. Learning to code also develops strong self-confidence and an “I can do anything” attitude. Coding knowledge is growing as a requirement in more and more professions. Learning at a young age also develops a thirst for knowledge and a desire to discover “how things work.”

Adults who learn to code have vastly improved career opportunities. There are hundreds of thousands of unfilled programming jobs, and many other high-paying jobs require coding knowledge including web design and other IT related careers. 

About Banyan Tech Academy

Banyan Tech Academy, based in San Diego county, was founded on the principle that learning to code should be accessible to everyone. By creating the optimal approach to learning and offering the courses at a very affordable cost, the Company intends to bring advanced technical education to everyone who wants it. 

About Banyan Tech Academy

Banyan Tech Academy offers online instructor-led after-school and evening coding classes for kids and adults. Our popular Javascript Game Coding course let's beginners discover the joy of programming while developing valuable skills.

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