Bannersnack Releases the Ultimate Productivity Tool: PSD Editor

At the request of hundreds of the design platform's users, a much-awaited feature has been released at the end of 2019: the Bannersnack Photoshop Integration, which allows premium users to experience an efficient workflow by having everything they need to finalize their designs in one place.

Productivity just got a new name: PSD editor

Bannersnack, an all-in-one design platform, has released the most important feature of the last couple of months for its users: the Photoshop Integration. This has been a natural step towards becoming a more complex design tool, while never forgetting that its primary goal was to increase the productivity of everyone who uses Bannersnack to design marketing and advertising materials. 

"As a platform that was built relying on its users’ feedback, when more and more of them suggested coming up with a way to quickly edit PSD files in Bannersnack, we saw the opportunity and started planning for it to become a reality," said John Rad, Product Manager at Bannersnack.

This new feature can be used in two different ways: either by sending a PSD file from Photoshop to Bannersnack or by uploading a PSD file from your computer to Bannersnack. For the first option, the users must install the Photoshop plugin which will allow them to send their designs straight into their Bannersnack account. The second option is as easy as drag & dropping the PSD file to stage.

Releasing this feature has proven so far to be a breakthrough in the way teams work together since the main purpose was to help marketing teams become more efficient when juggling between Photoshop and Bannersnack. 

Bannersnack premium customers can easily edit PSD files to make small adjustments when needed, which translates into a quick turnaround for their ad campaigns. 

And as a bonus, the users do not need a Photoshop license to open or edit the PSD files received from their designers.

About Bannersnack

Bannersnack is an all-in-one design platform that started out in 2008. Since then, it has helped millions of users make amazing visuals for their advertising and marketing campaigns.

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For more inquiries about our platform or the usage of this new feature, please contact Ioana Ciobanu at!

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