Bankers Helping Bankers Launches BaaS Association

Bankers Helping Bankers

Bankers Helping Bankers is pleased to announce the creation of the BHB Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) Association, aimed at serving the unique needs of BaaS banks.

Bankers Helping Bankers co-founder, Tanner Mayo, said, "These elite bankers lead in profitability and innovation. It is essential that banks getting into this space do so in a safe, sound, and regulatory-compliant way. This association is intended to help them embrace the opportunities of BaaS, while proactively identifying and mitigating risks."

The BaaS association was created to:

  • Coordinate legislative and regulatory advocacy efforts to promote an environment for the responsible delivery of Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) by Federally-insured depository institutions.
  • Promote best practices and standards for the delivery of BaaS to non-banks. 
  • Build a community of like-minded bankers and other industry participants to share experiences, insights, successes, and failures realized in BaaS endeavors.
  • Connect Federally-insured financial institutions to the fintech technology partners who will help them facilitate a successful BaaS program. 

Banking-as-a-Service is a highly specialized niche and one that is seeing a tremendous increase in bank participants. Fueled by rapid expansion in FinTech funding and a constant supply of new startups, there simply aren't enough BaaS Banks to meet the growing demand from hundreds of FinTech applicants.

Mayo said, "BaaS banks are mostly community banks, a few are larger, but one thing they have in common is that they are the top-earning banks in the United States. The BHB BaaS Association is representing the greatest hope in a generation for the future of community banking, embracing new technologies and new diverse products that are more inclusive for all."

About Bankers Helping Bankers:
Bankers Helping Bankers is a bankers-only social+platform for collaboration and education. Through data tools and dynamic user groups, Bankers Helping Bankers provides community bankers with a knowledge base focused on bank technology and emerging Fintech companies, as well as hot topics such as cryptocurrencies, banking-as-a-service, becoming a sponsor bank, and launching a direct digital brand. The BHB platform is free for bankers, reaching 75% of banks. Join the movement to help save community banking.

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For questions regarding the program, contact Rachel Hernandez at FedFis, (512) 284-4987 or

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