Banded Peacock Launches Eye-Catching Statement Tees for the "Hipster" and "Tres Chic"

Banded Peacock launches The I Am Collection of hand-foiled, glitter and vinyl designer statement apparel in ten head-turning designs. Using bright foils, glitter and vinyl, fashion-forward statements; differentiating itself from the competitors in quality and style.

24K AU Ladies T-shirt

Banded Peacock is launching its third line of hand designed and embellished statement t-shirts April 18, 2017.

Deborah Davis, Owner and Creative Director at Banded Peacock, began her creative journey as a statement piece enthusiast. Now with her third line of handmade statement tees, she has found her niche customer--women who enjoy bold fashion statements.  Banded Peacock describes itself as adventurous and brave.  Davis’ I Am Collection boasts some of the trendiest statement pieces to hit the market this year.  Banded Peacock is looking forward to the future of the company and providing what her "best-tees" desire.

"Be free to express who you are with what you wear."

Deborah Davis, Owner/Creative Designer

The I Am Collection

Banded Peacock’s I Am Collection will consist of ten statement pieces in ladies black and optional color tees, upon request.

  • Cute Chic: this dazzling, shiny rhinestone ladies' t-shirt says “Cute Chic” in a flattering recognizable font on100% preshrunk cotton jersey.
  • Phenomenal: this ladies t-shirt shimmers with glitter vinyl for your perfect party go-to.
  • Pettiness Allergy: this ladies' white vinyl; 100% preshrunk cotton jersey fabric.
  • 24K AU: this bold tee showcases a shiny and bold gold foil on 100% preshrunk cotton jersey fabric.
  • Royalty: bold white vinyl so sexy, it turns heads everywhere.
  • The Facts: white vinyl on 100% preshrunk soft cotton fabric for a realistically, sweet first impression.
  • Full Lips and Lashes: this soft 100% cotton ladies' t-shirt uses positive descriptive words for a daring new look.
  • All Natural: white vinyl on 100% preshrunk cotton fabric raises keeps it simple and natural.
  • Magical:  this metallic silver ladies tee in black or gray showcases hand applied vinyl on soft 100% cotton jersey fabric.
  • Awesomeness: simple, white vinyl print ladies t-shirt, made from 100% cotton jersey fabric, is awe-some!

Source: Banded Peacock

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