Badgley Phelps Appoints Julie Parisio Roy as CEO

Parisio Roy succeeds longtime Chief Executive Officer Steve Phelps

Steve Phelps - Julie Parisio Roy

Badgley Phelps has selected Julie Parisio Roy as the next chief executive officer of the firm, succeeding Steve Phelps, who served as CEO for 25 years. Phelps will continue to remain fully engaged with the firm as chief investment officer and a wealth manager.

Says Phelps, “Julie has been a rising star in our firm since she started with us 20 years ago. I could not be more proud for her, nor more confident in her leadership in this next phase of our firm’s future.” 

Steve Phelps steered the ship for more than two decades

Phelps joined the firm in 1987 as an investment manager and quickly grew up the ranks. Under his management, Badgley grew to service more than 1,000 households and $5 billion in managed assets. Steve always believed that the firm’s culture and its clients’ success were inextricably linked, and fostered a team committed to honesty, integrity, and openness.

“I am extremely proud of what our firm has built over the past few decades,” says Steve. “Additional staffing and a complete overhaul of our technology stack in 2023 positions us well for future growth and enhanced client service for years to come.” 

Badgley Phelps’ third leader in 58 years is its first female CEO, Julie Parisio Roy

Parisio Roy joined Badgley Phelps in 2004 and has since served as director of financial planning and a wealth manager, overseeing portfolios for high-net-worth private clients and striving to help clients find the perfect balance between enjoying their money and feeling secure in its longevity and legacy.

Upon joining the Focus Financial Partnership in 2021, Badgley Phelps created a three-person Executive Committee to oversee the firm’s management. These responsibilities are split between Steve Phelps, Julie Parisio Roy, and Tim Thomas. 

“Julie’s skills are ideal for the next phase of our firm’s success,” says Phelps. “Not only is she well versed in the complexities of financial planning and business management, but she is a connector of people and ideas. Much of our recent success has been because of the connections she has forged within our industry and with the many other professionals who service our clients.”

A Barron’s Top 100 Women Advisor in 2022 and 2023, and 2022 RIA Intel Finalist for Financial Advisor of the Year, Parisio Roy not only contributes to the success of the firm, but also to the success of women in financial services. She mentors young women through the University of Washington Department of Economics and is an active member of the CFP® Women’s Initiative Advocate. 

One of Parisio Roy’s mentees, Badgley Phelps Associate Wealth Manager Anna Inveen, says, “I would not be in the position I am today without Julie’s support, guidance, and motivation to continue evolving and advancing in my career. Her passion to support others, whether they are clients, colleagues, or students, is something I admire and aspire to emulate.”

Parisio Roy is a true advocate — and most of all for her clients. She says, “The dynamic nature of this industry and the responsibility we have to our clients can be very heavy. When I feel the weight of my role, I try to remember we are trusted with clients’ fears and dreams and let into a corner of their lives few usually see. It is in this reflection that I feel the privilege and sanctity of our client relationships.”

A Washington-state native, wife, and mother of three, she enjoys serving as a Mom Taxi, binging Netflix shows and dreaming of where she wants to travel next. 

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