Backyard X-Scapes Updates Logo and Launches New Website

Nation's #1 tropical decor provider makes on-line purchasing easy

New Backyard X-Scapes Logo

Backyard X-Scapes Inc., the nation’s largest supplier of bamboo, thatch and tropical products has unveiled a new logo and launched a new website to promote its products and services for customers interested in buying bamboo and thatch.

Backyard X-Scapes has established extremely strong partner relationships with numerous bamboo and thatch suppliers globally that allows the Company to maintain a dominant position in terms of both quality and competitive pricing for both bamboo and thatch.

Our new logo and website are intended to help us maintain our leadership position in the tropical decor industry.

Ross Bloom, Managing Partner

For example, Backyard X-Scapes unique relationship with its major Chinese bamboo supplier has enabled the Company to develop special curing processes in proprietary kilns to ensure the imported bamboo has the exact moisture context to not only look good, but last for years. This is the commitment Backyard X-Scapes makes to anyone wanting to buy bamboo.

For customers buying thatch, the commitment is similar. The company has helped establish a dedicated thatch production operation in Mexico where talented craftsmen work with time-tested techniques to create thatch umbrellas, palapas, and thatch roofing that has the quality that thatch buyers truly appreciate. 

And for the buyer wanting to purchase artificial thatch, Backyard X-Scapes’ global supplier developed an artificial thatch that is not only visually attractive but is also available in fire-retardant materials that meet US standards.

According to Ross Bloom, President of Backyard X-Scapes,  the new logo was introduced to reinforce the Company’s tropical image and to be more appealing to the many audiences looking to buy bamboo or thatch.

While the website URL has not changed, a great deal of effort was spent to provide easier navigation and informative information for both consumer and commercial customers looking for bamboo, thatch and other tropical products.

Over their 15 year history, regardless of business climate, Backyard X-Scapes experienced year over year growth since inception. A global distributor of tropical theme products, Backyard X-Scapes established themselves as an industry leader, servicing retail, commercial, and wholesale markets.  

About Backyard X-Scapes
Backyard X-Scapes markets its products through major home supply big-box companies including Home Deport and Lowes.  It also operates online web sales.  In addition, the Company operates a retail store in San Diego, California totaling 75,000 square feet that specializes in on-site bamboo sales,  outdoor related products including fountains, pottery, BBQ Islands, fireplaces, fire pits, artificial grass, statuary, artificial boulders, and roofing thatch.  The Company also distributes from a warehouse in the Orlando Florida area providing a bamboo and thatch store for east coast wholesale buyers.

Backyard X-Scapes is a part of L&B Holdings, recently founded as a California Corporation headquartered in San Diego.  

For more information about Backyard X-Scapes and its full line of bamboo, thatch and other tropical products visit:

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About Backyard X-Scapes

Backyard X-Scapes is the nation's #1 provider of bamboo poles and fencing, natural and artificial thatch and reed, and tropical-themed decor for both the consumer and wholesale industries.

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