Back To The Future Sports Almanac iPad Case

Anyone who has watched the back to the future series will no doubt be familiar with the sports almanac, well lovegizmo bring you the sports almanac case for the iPad mini and iPad.

The Back To The Future Sports Almanac iPad case has the complete replica design of the sports almanac, giving it a realistic look in line with the prop in the movie. Be the envy of everyone when you pull out you ipad.

This truly is the ultimate ipad case for a back to the future series lover,so case has a built in stand feature enabling you to watch the back to the future movies with ease.

You can also do other things like browse the internet, type etc but we wont go into that too much as we are all to busy admiring the case itself and remembering the first time we watched the movies.

The case features a camera cut out so you can take photos while your iPad or iPad mini is still in the case. We have also added a stand feature which lets you stand the ipad in various angles so you can view content wihtout having to hold you iPad.

So preorder yours from the future as we release this case on the 23-09-2013 at a launch price of £14.99 for the iPad Mini and the iPad2,3,4,5 Case.

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