Back To Sport is Now Back Online and Under New Management

After nine months of being dormant, sports rehabilitation supplies online shop Back To Sport is now up and running following a recent acquisition by Entro Marketing Pty Ltd.

Back To Sport

Entro Marketing Pty Limited is now the new owner of the physiotherapy and rehabilitation supplies shop Back To Sport.

The online shop, which was dormant for nine months, is now operating in full swing offering a full range of carefully selected supplies for physiotherapists, chiropractors, personal trainers and active people dealing with sports industries. The retailer's inventory features high-quality ankle braces, knee braces and ASO ankle braces that customers have come to know and love. Shoppers can now choose from top brands like Rock Tape, Body Ice, Trigger Point, Pain Pod, Mueller and more.

In addition to a full inventory, Entro Marketing has made a number of changes to improve the shopping experience of its customers. Customers can now engage in live chats for faster responses to their queries. The new owner has also made it easier for customers to make the right purchase, with free exchange shipping both ways. But that's not all. Entro Marketing Pty Limited has also changed the minimum threshold for free shipping from $150 to $100. Moreover, plans are afoot to redesign the website for seamless navigation. 

Entro Marketing Pty Limited is a family-owned company and are experts in the world of sports injury supplies. It is also the owner of BodyHeal, another online retailer for sports injury supplies. Company representatives have said: "Our goal is to provide better customer support. We believe that these new changes will foster consumer confidence and smoother transactions for a more satisfying shopping experience. We have grand plans for Back To Sport. In the long term, we will continue to build on our popular content such as the buying guides."

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