Baby Tweets - First Words App For Toddlers, Now Available In English

Baby Tweets, the popular Hebrew app for toddlers, is now available in English. Featuring more than 70 word exercises in a beautifully designed environment, it is an app that both the baby and the parent will appreciate.

The main purpose of the app is to develop the toddler's vocabulary. Infants from the age of one and a half years to two years old, is capable of learning new words every day. Baby Tweets is designed to aid the parent to expose the infant to a variety of words, thus improve his language skills.

The Israeli developer Eran Lesser, who has received numerous positive feedback on the app from the Israeli public, is excited about the new release: "I hope that the pedagogic capabilities of the Baby Tweets app will be discovered also by the English speaking public. Its engaging feedback and easy navigation makes it a perfect first app, and it can certainly help the parent to enrich the baby's language."

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Baby Tweets features:

· From 1+ years.
· Free from advertisements.
· Free to install and to play on 4 screens.
· $1.99 for 8 additional levels.
· Designed for web, iOS and Android.
· Languages: English, French, Russian and Hebrew.
· Developer: Eran Lesser, Creative Lamas.

Twitter: Baby Tweets @FirstWordsApp
Facebook: Baby Tweets

Pedagogical info:

When we follow the general development of a baby, one observes that language and speech are primary components in the infant's development. At the outset the baby pronounces parts of words or just gibberish. As he continues to develop, at age one or two years, he expresses himself in complete words related to his surroundings and supporters. The first word the child acquires are connected to his immediate world such as: toys, pets, family members, body parts, clothing etc. He will pronounce words such as: daddy, mommy, ball (Teddy) bear, bottle, head, dog etc.

When he is asked by to identify an object from pictures in books or in various choice games, he knows to choose the correct object even if he pronounces the words incorrectly. In this application we have concentrated on the baby's ability to identify individual objects in a picture showing a number of objects familiar to infants from their surroundings. The baby, from one and a half to two years old, is asked, by a pleasant voice, to point to a particular object in a group of pictures and when he touches the correct picture he receives positive reinforcement. In the event he chooses incorrectly he will hear the correct name of the object sought and in this way will enlarge his vocabulary. The infant at this age is capable of learning new words every day and his vocabulary generally contains hundreds of words and this before he knows how to form words into sentences.
This application is designed to aid you the parent to expose the infant to a variety of words thus enriching his language skills.

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