Babkes & Associates Offers Expert Advice on Lane Diving in South Florida

Florida Works to Cut Down on Illegal, Bad Habits of Drivers

Babkes and Associates, a traffic ticket and violation firm based in South Florida, is offering industry specialized experience on managing dangerous highways and bad drivers. The state of Florida is going to curb the dangerously illegal and very hazardous practice of lane diving on interstate I-95.

Road crews will begin replacing the existing poles with a sturdier design along the toll lanes which run between Interstate 836 in the Golden Glades interchange.The Florida Highway Patrol, meanwhile, reminded motorists that they are already cracking down on lane diving. Babkes & Associates wants to emphasize that drivers should be aware of the rules of the road and always drive with caution and care.

"We are here to educate you on the rules of the road and how to deal with dangerous drivers."

James Babkes, Partner & Attorney

“The suicide commando-like maneuver, in which motorists plow through the flexible polls demarcating the highways toll express lanes, is extremely dangerous,” said James Babkes, Partner and Attorney at Babkes and Associates. “We are here to educate you on the rules of the road and how to deal with dangerous drivers”.

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