Babkes & Associates Offers Advice for Petty Theft Cases

South Florida Based Traffic Ticket and Violation Law Firm Clarifies and Explains the Major Ramifications of a Seemingly Minor Conviction

Babkes & Associates, a local South Florida law firm specializing in traffic ticket and violations, explains the benefits of having a lawyer represent you in a petty theft case. In the state of Florida, petty theft charges occur when someone is accused of stealing items valued between $100 and $299.

“There are serious long term consequences to a petty theft conviction,” said James Babkes, Partner & Attorney of Babkes & Associates. “A conviction for shoplifting is just like any other criminal conviction. You'll have a criminal record that may follow you for the rest of your life. When you apply for a job, the employer will see the conviction when he does a criminal background check.”

Any charge, including a petty theft charge can make it harder for one to find a job. Also, applications for college or professional licenses, such as those to practice law or medicine, ask about prior convictions that will be discovered and could prevent one from obtaining licensure. Therefore, a petty theft charge is not as petty as it may seem.  

The team at Babkes & Associates has been helping clients get the best possible outcome regarding legal matters since 1978. They offer free consultations, discuss cases in detail, and thoroughly explain options before recommending a course of action.

Client legal needs are a priority at Babkes & Associates, no matter how small they may seem.

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Babkes & Associates was established in 1978, and is focused on traffic tickets and traffic-related offenses. The law firm’s services range from assisting with suspended licenses, traffic criminal tickets, speeding tickets, D.U.I, misdemeanor/felony, reckless driving, accident cases, and much more. With collectively over 100 years of experience in assisting clients to navigate through the complex legal system, Babkes & Associates Law Firm is fit to assist anyone throughout the South Florida area from: West Palm Beach, Palm Beach, Boynton Beach, Deerfield Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and surrounding cities. If you are in need of legal assistance regarding criminal charges, traffic tickets and traffic-related offenses, let the Babkes & Associates team be of assistance to you.  

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Babkes & Associates is the oldest South Florida law firm (established 1978) focusing on Florida traffic tickets, driving on a suspended license in Florida and all traffic criminal related matters.

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