Intuality Inc.'s Artificial Intelligence Making Accurate Predictions of Coronavirus Cases and Deaths

Intuality Inc. reports that its AI prediction engine continues to predict daily COVID-19 cases and deaths within 2% of actual, since April 10, 2020

IntualityAI COVID-19 Prediction Accuracy

Grant Renier, Chairman of Intuality Inc., and Dr. Howard Rankin have been presenting, during weekly YouTube podcasts, the results of the system’s cases and deaths for each of 120 days into the future since March, for the USA, Canada, UK, and 5 major EU countries. IntualityAI is tracking and predicting in real-time 500+ countries and governmental districts worldwide, as a free public service during this world-wide crisis.

“The numbers have been pretty accurate so far,” says Grant Renier. So, what does IntualityAI predict about the future?

“We see a slight flattening of the curve by early July, but a second spike appearing in August. The system predicts the cumulative number of deaths in the US up to 103,000 by August 24,” Grant continued.

Similar patterns are charted for the UK and Canada. By August 24, the system predicts a cumulative total of 6,800 deaths in Canada, and slightly over 38,000 deaths in the UK.

IntualityAI, the behavioral economics-based technology, has had success in forecasting in money markets, elections, sports, health and technology applications. It is the product of more than 30 years of research and development.

Dr. Howard Rankin, an expert in cognitive bias and author of "I Think Therefore I Am Wrong: A Guide to Bias, Political Correctness, Fake News and the Future of Mankind," along with Mr. Renier, has been running IntualityAI podcasts related to COVID-19 at least once a week. Access them on YouTube under “IntualityAI” and on its website at

Contact: Grant Renier
Phone: 207.370.1330

Alt Contact: Dr. Howard Rankin
Phone: 843.247.2980

Source: Intuality Inc.


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