B2B Lead Gen Leader NetLine Corporation Joins ABM Leadership Alliance

The content-centric company brings its permission-based, first-party data perspective to help businesses drive pipeline via account-based marketing initiatives

NetLine Corporation has announced that it has joined the ABM Leadership Alliance, a coalition which aims to bring industry-leading technology partners and thought leaders together to share best practices, actionable insights and real-life examples of how to launch and scale ABM strategies that drive engagement, pipeline and revenue.

Founded by Demandbase in April 2016, the ABM Leadership Alliance was created to help marketers reduce the confusion involved with developing a successful ABM strategy and tech stack. Today, the Alliance educates businesses on ABM (account-based marketing) best practices from sales and marketing alignment to which Martech tools will best optimize ABM performance.  

As the #1 B2B buyer engagement platform, NetLine’s role with the Alliance will be to provide insightful thought leadership on employing a content-centric philosophy across all ABM executions to more efficiently capture first-party and fully permissioned engagement from targeted accounts. In addition, the company will actively engage within the community of ABM practitioners and decision-makers, along with each of the other nine members of the Alliance. 

​NetLine’s SVP, Audience and Product, David Fortino shared his enthusiasm for the company’s admission into the ABM Leadership Alliance. “In a crowded marketplace, ABM is one of the most efficient and effective marketing practices B2B organizations can leverage,” Fortino said. “We’re elated to partner with our member colleagues through the ABM Leadership Alliance to bring the very best ABM data, strategies, and case studies focused on the 'last mile' of ABM where first-party data has been obtained by the marketer.”

Despite joining mid-year, NetLine expects to be a significant contributor to the Alliance for the remainder of 2020. The company will be partnering with other members on a Virtual Summit in June and an ABM Benchmarks Report, eBook, and Roadshow in Q3.

About NetLine Corporation:

NetLine Corporation empowers B2B marketers with the reach, technology, and expertise required to drive scalable lead generation results and accelerate the sales funnel. Operating the largest B2B content syndication lead generation network, NetLine reaches 125 million unique visitors and processes more than 800,000 leads monthly across 300 industry sectors. NetLine's AudienceTarget™ technology drives prospect discovery, quality customer lead acquisition, and buyer engagement from real prospect intent as professionals consume content directly across the network. Founded in 1994, NetLine is privately held and headquartered in Los Gatos, California. Successful B2B Marketers Start with NetLine. Visit www.netline.com.

About the ABM Leadership Alliance

The ABM Leadership Alliance is a national organization focused on educating B2B marketers about developing and deploying a successful ABM strategy. The Alliance demystifies the many ABM technology options available and provides B2B marketers with guidance on how to create the right technology stack to scale and automate their efforts. Comprised of leading ABM-focused technology and data vendors, this consortium includes experts from Bizible, Demandbase, Get Smart Content, LookBookHQ, Optimizely, Oracle Marketing Cloud, and Radius, among others.

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