New Study Results Show Over-the-Counter LidoPatch® as Effective as Prescription Lidocaine Patches

In a study published today in Pain Management, LidoPatch® significantly improved arthritis/back pain patients; pain, mood, activity levels

J.A.R. Laboratories, a leader in transdermal drug delivery announced the results of a trial comparing Over-the-Counter (OTC) LidoPatch® (lidocaine 3.6%, menthol 1.25%), prescription (Rx) (lidocaine 5%) and placebo in patients who suffer from arthritis and back pain. With many new OTC lidocaine patches on the market, LidoPatch® is unique in its formulation and the only OTC patch proven as effective as Rx lidocaine patches. In addition, LidoPatch® was proven to significantly improve patients' pain, mood, and ability to perform normal activities when compared to placebo.

Switching to OTCs from Rx's can provide benefits to patients and payers alike. There is the potential for less cost to the patient and could reduce the number of visits to their doctor. Payers gain an advantage by switching to a lower cost product and less resource utilization by its members.

Given the robust results of this trial, it seems reasonable to consider Over-the-Counter LidoPatch® instead of prescription lidocaine patches. OTCs can provide pain sufferers many benefits including potentially less cost and less trips to the doctor to have prescriptions refilled. Using OTC and non-opioid drugs when treating pain has recently been recommended by the CDC and LidoPatch® fits that bill.

Eric Castro, MD, Primary Investigator

Back pain is the second most common reason for a physician's visit in the USA and the second most common reason to miss work. Both only behind the common cold.

Arthritis is a progressive disease that becomes much more common with age. By age 60, half of all Americans have dealt with some form of arthritis. And the incidence only goes up as we age more.

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