B.L.S Offers Flexible First Aid Courses to Equip Trainees for Real-life Emergencies

With cost-effective trainings conducted online, B.L.S. First Aid helps individuals become skilled at delivering competent first aid in emergency situations.

Certain medical situations simply cannot wait for professionals to conduct medical assessment or provide treatment. For many who have experienced or witnessed it, such emergencies require fast and accurate solutions from the people who are with or near the patient or victim. In fact, 95% of first aid is carried out on loved ones by loved ones. In this regard, being equipped to act fast and conduct first aid is a must.

B.L.S First Aid provides accredited First Aid courses on the north side of Brisbane. It is an approved co-Provider for ABC Licence Training RTO 3399 Nationally Recognised First Aid Training.

B.L.S First Aid offers the "life skills" course designed where the theory is completed online and class time is all hands-on. Individuals who need First Aid certificate or practical training in First Aid, but are too busy to spend all that time in class, can turn to B.L.S First Aid's flexible online courses that require attendance to class sessions only for practical exercises and competency assessment.

Your Body Works Chiropractors staff completed the training in April 2012, with only nice things to say about the experience: "[We were] absolutely impressed. It really does give you the tools to deal with an emergency, the confidence that you can 'keep things together' for long enough for help to arrive."

Through this approach, the leading choice in First Aid course Brisbane offers participants with greater flexibility, allowing them to integrate the course into their busy lives. While so, the best outcome in competency can be expected. Trainings are held in small groups to maximise quality and focus on each participant who may need the skill at any moment.

B.L.S First Aid is backed by trainers who are thoroughly experienced paramedics who pass on their knowledge and practical lessons on First Aid CPR Brisbane. Particular courses include HLTFA311A Apply First Aid including CPR and HLTCPR211A Perform CPR. The 2099VIC Course in First Aid Management of Anaphylaxis and the 22024VIC Course in Emergency Management of Asthma in the Workplace are also offered. A Statement of Attainment will be issued for the units upon your completing the first aid training and assessment.

To find out more about the accredited First Aid training from B.L.S Brisbane, please visit http://blsfirstaid.com.au for information and to book a course.

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