Axene Health Partners Publishes Healthcare Affordability Index: 2019

Healthcare Affordability Index: 2019

Axene Health Partners LLC (AHP) has published a Healthcare Affordability Index for 2019. Though opinions differ regarding which solutions will most effectively address the rising cost of health care, there appears to be no debate that the price tag is an issue that must be addressed now. The intent of the index is to highlight both sides of affordability, to recognize the financial burden on the payer or purchaser of health care services. And as part of the index, AHP assesses affordability on a state-by-state basis by comparing health care costs with the purchaser’s annual income. This analysis is accomplished using the AHP Health Care Affordability IndexTM.

The index is available for download from the AHP website at

The Healthcare Affordability Index is part of the Axene Health Partners’ Inspire web blog. Inspire was created to serve as a platform for the firm to educate on emerging topics, highlight often overlooked resources and address timely topics in the healthcare industry. 

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AHP is wholly owned by its consultants, offering highly specialized health care consulting services and software solutions for the healthcare space. AHP offers a unique blend of actuarial services, supplemented by a team of clinical consultants and IT developers. This is referred to as the integration of actuarial science with the practice of medicine supplemented with IT software development experts to provide our clients with a complete solution.

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AHP is a highly specialized health care consulting firm. We offer a unique blend of actuarial services, supplemented by our team of clinical consultants. We refer to this as the integration of actuarial science with the practice of medicine.

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