AXEL Go Announces $10,000 Data Security Guarantee

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AXEL Go, a file-sharing platform optimized for lawyers, is now backing up its industry-leading data security system with a $10,000 guarantee against professional malpractice judgments.

The guarantee comes in response to an increased industry-wide focus on data security. An October 2020 study from the American Bar Association found that 29% of law firms reported a security breach. The recently-adopted ABA Rule 1.6 places the legal and ethical responsibility of protecting client data and information squarely on law firms and attorneys, stipulating that they make "reasonable efforts to prevent the inadvertent or unauthorized disclosure of, or unauthorized access to, information relating to the representation of a client." As such, attorneys are increasingly vulnerable to malpractice claims stemming from leaks of client data.

AXEL Go's guarantee stipulates a $10,000 payment if a user is subject to a legal malpractice judgment resulting from the service not securing client data.* Ben Ow, AXEL CTO and President, said, "We're able to offer this generous guarantee because we're confident that our users' data is completely safe, thanks to our state-of-the-art encryption and sharding procedures." AXEL Go's file-sharing service is fortified by a customized blockchain-backed and decentralized IPFS network along with an impenetrable AES 256-encryption system.

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About AXEL
AXEL is a technology company based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Just like you, we are consumers of technology products and services. We created our blockchain-powered AXEL Network because we believe privacy and security of our files and data isn't a "feature" or a "value-added benefit," but a basic human right. Available to legal professionals around the world through partnerships with the ABA and other legal organizations, AXEL Go utilizes patented technology to deliver powerful file management tools and technologies, ensuring that your digital content remains private and secure, both at rest and in transit, virtually anywhere in the world.

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