Aware by BuildingLink Launches New Sensors, Helps Reopen Common Areas in Residential Buildings

Aware Button Logging Solution provides peace of mind and tracks cleaning and disinfecting activity within a building

Aware by BuildingLink Button Logging

​​​​Aware by BuildingLink, a provider of smart sensor solutions for residential buildings, today announced a solution that accelerates the process of fully reopening residential building common areas and amenity spaces. The Aware Button Logging sensor solution captures the last time an area or piece of equipment was disinfected or inspected, while creating a log over time of cleaning and maintenance activities. This solution can limit liability, reinforce the feeling of safety for residents and strengthen new COVID reopening policies.

Typical use cases for this solution might include monitoring the cleaning of doors, elevators, lobby seating, fitness center equipment, or meeting rooms. Residents will take comfort in knowing their staff is taking building hygiene seriously. And property managers can ensure that cleaning policies are being adhered to.

A Button Logging device can be assigned to a specific piece of equipment, a group of items, an area or an entire room. Cleaning staff activate the button as soon as they have completed disinfection of the designated area or piece of equipment. Residents can check the status of all monitored areas using an app or viewing the data on a nearby display. When coupled with other Aware solutions, such as Fitness Center Monitoring, management can direct cleaning personnel to areas or equipment that is used most frequently. 

“This is an excellent example of technology that provides value for both the residents and the property managers of a building,” says Michael Hejtmanek, Director of Business Development for Aware.  “A resident gets the peace of mind knowing when the area or equipment was last disinfected, and property managers gain insights into the performance of the cleaning crew. The sensor solution provides actionable and timely data to both the residents and building managers.”

Additionally, Aware has also developed the NetVoice Message Annunciator which can be configured to “speak” to residents and staff to inform them of COVID policy reminders, cleaning schedules, amenity reservations and more. See for all of Aware by BuildingLink’s pandemic reopening related solutions. 

About Aware by BuildingLink

Aware is a division of BuildingLink that provides technologies that unlock building data and grant property managers the actionable insights needed to help reduce costs and improve the quality of life for residents and staff. Aware’s smart sensor solutions identify problems in buildings such as water leaks, mechanical system failures, elevators in need of repair, monitor noise situations, and manage parking systems. 

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