Award-Winning Oahu Casual Restaurant Kono's Announces New Full-Service Restaurant & Bar

The Surfing Pig: Bringing an Urban Flare to Kaimuki

The Surfing Pig

The Surfing Pig concept is an expanded full-service restaurant and bar of award-winning Kono's Restaurant. Director of Operations Zach Glander announces, “We roast about 6,000 pounds of pork a month at Kono’s. We had to bring this signature dish to a new level of dining.” The Surfing Pig will be nestled in the heart of Kaimuki on Waialae between 12th and Kokohead Ave. Kaimuki is considered the mecca of Oahu eateries, and Kono's executives want to bring back the attention on the Kaimuki community. 

The Surfing Pig will offer an elevated menu of Kono’s specialized 12-hour slow-roasted pork, with variations of new creations of slow-roasted meats, small plates and savory entrees.

The new restaurant will have hand-crafted cocktails and a carefully crafted tapas menu at the full-service bar. The gastropub-inspired restaurant will have quite the ambiance with their communal dining in the bar and tables in the loft. Director of Sales and Marketing Anna Piergallini says, “It is a gathering hotspot for the emerging local foodies, families and visitors of Kaimuki, with an urban twist.”

“Both brands exemplify quality food, cocktails and extra aloha service,” says owner Stan Glander who has big plans for the future of both The Surfing Pig and Kono’s Restaurant. Stay connected with Kono’s and The Surfing Pig for updates on the new venture’s opening.

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