Award Winning Film "Becoming Eduardo" to be screened at Prestigious Film Festival

Award Winning Film Becoming Eduardo to be screened at the prestigious Burbank International Film Festival

Becoming Eduardo, a classic New Mexico coming-of-age story will be shown at the prestigious Burbank International Film Festival on Saturday, September 11 and Thursday September 16. Presented by Open Range Pictures, in association with The Creative Media Institute, Becoming Eduardo has already won numerous awards, most recently, the 2010 Best New Mexico Film Award at the Albuquerque Film Festival. This labor of love has finally paid off for Director Rod McCall and Producer, Brad Littlefield.

Becoming Eduardo attracted film industry veterans, Elizabeth Pena and A Martinez -- along with bright, up and coming talents like Julian Alcaraz, Elizabeth Blanco and Mike Dunay. The chemistry of the actors brings authenticity to the film. Pena and Martinez brings their characters to life within their own Mexican heritage.

Set in rural New Mexico, Becoming Eduardo depicts the teen life of 16-year old Eddie Corazon, who is torn between the seductions of delinquency and the lure of his own intellect. Eddie (played by Julian Alcaraz) attends an alternative high school in Rosablanca, New Mexico, where his class reflects the cultural and economic diversity found in the rich tapestry of New Mexico. Through the film, the viewer sees the long horizon ahead through Eddie's eyes, who walks the thin line between tragedy and glory as he negotiates his view of the world and how he sees himself, and how he wants to be seen by the girl of his dreams, Lupe.

Like so many teens, Eddie is tempted by the thrill of instant gratification, but some bad choices lead to consequences that change the course of his life, at which point he is offered the guidance of a caring mentor, as well as a chance to hope for the future.

Becoming Eduardo is based on the novella, Alternative Ed, by LouAnne Johnson. Director McCall decided the moment he read the story that he would make the film as he felt it was a "perfect fit" for him and defines how the making of the movie came about as serendipitous.

Becoming Eduardo was shot during July of 2008 mostly in village of Hillsboro, New Mexico, and the local community of Truth or Consequences rallied around the film, contributing in-kind services, including free cars, motel rooms, and catering. The film production drew on local professional crew and students and faculty from The Creative Media Institute at New Mexico State University, where McCall also teaches Storyboarding and Film Directing. McCall's two other feature films, Lewis & Clark & George and Paper Hearts (aka Cheatin' Hearts), which both premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, have enjoyed wide network exposure and distribution, as well as commercial success.

Awards: Santa Fe Film Festival 2009, the Milagro Award 2009; The Tamalewood Award for Best Latin Film; The Audience Choice Award; Best New Mexico Film awards at the White Sands Film Festival 2010.

About the Writer/Director

Rod McCall, Writer/Director/Producer - Rod came to independent filmmaking by way of writing, animation, Madison Avenue and architecture. McCall's second feature film, Lewis & Clark & George, a pitch black "trash noir" comedy starring Rose McGowan, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and played on Cinemax and HBO. McCall's debut feature film, Paper Hearts (aka Cheatin' Hearts), a drama starring Sally Kirkland, James Brolin and Kris Kristofferson, also premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, and is currently being re-released on DVD by Lionsgate. McCall has also written for other directors. In 1990, he wrote Pretty Hattie's Baby for director Ivan Passer, and in 1989 McCall penned With Open Arms, based on a hit Brazilian play, for Argentine director Luis Puenzo. Before McCall got into movies he directed TV commercials for a long list of international clients and received many awards, including the coveted CLIO. McCall also supervised sequences for NBC's Saturday Night Live! And PBS' Sesame Street and The Electric Company. McCall is also on the faculty of The Creative Media Institute at New Mexico State University.

About the Producer

Brad Littlefield, Producer - Brad has worked with successful high technology start-ups in California, as well as in film production and television. In 2008, he co-founded DAP Studios, and in 2009, he produced the feature film, Becoming Eduardo. Brad's entertainment experience includes talent and casting for MTV Networks, project management for YouTube, and he is currently working for Open Range Pictures, LLC on Travelling Salesmen and Desert Water, as well as with Remote Films on The Devil of Appalachia. His interest in public service has led to active participation with many non-profit organizations including The Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center Legal Services Department, The San Mateo County Center for Domestic Violence Prevention, and Performing Arts Studio West. He is a Screen Actors Guild Signatory Producer and member of the American Film Institute.

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