Award-Winning Eco-Chic Canadian-Made Product Selected to Be in the 'Everyone Wins' Nominee Gift Bags Celebrating Hollywood's Biggest Night

MYO Cosmetic Clutch

​This year's top Hollywood actresses, actors and directors will receive M·Y·O Cosmetic Cases® award-winning, eco-chic M·Y·O Cosmetic Clutch™ in the "Everyone Wins" nominee gift bags given to select Oscar nominees. 

Winner of the 2017 Cosmoprof North America Trendsetter Award (the largest beauty event in the Americas), our M·Y·O Cosmetic Clutch was selected by Los Angeles company Distinctive Assets to be included in the "Everyone Wins" nominee gift bags. “We are absolutely ecstatic to be included in this renowned gift bag containing the best and most sought-after luxury items on the market,” exclaims entrepreneur and founder Suzanne Carter. 

The makeup bag has finally entered the 21st century: introducing an empowered approach to on-the-go beauty. Our M·Y·O Cosmetic Clutch is a fully customizable magnetic cosmetic palette (case) that safely stows makeup, makeup accessories and skincare with the flexibility to use at home, for touch-ups on-the-go, a trip to the gym or a last-minute weekend getaway.

No bigger than a large cell phone, the M·Y·O Cosmetic Clutch™ offers a litany of beauty innovations made with the modern woman in mind. The ultra-lightweight and space-saving design (emulating a stylish clutch) was meticulously crafted to ensure individuals would always have fast, reliable and convenient access to their favorite cosmetics no matter where life takes them.

Committed to sustainability, our M·Y·O Cosmetic Clutch is made of recyclable materials and to reduce packaging waste further, we encourage women to purchase from the many brands offering refillable/single, palette-ready makeup [list on website]. These pop-in palette-ready products give greater purchase flexibility and the opportunity to customize cosmetic choices – personalization to perfection.

Mindful of our carbon footprint, M·Y·O Cosmetic Clutch is made in Vancouver, Canada, and partnered with the World Tree Carbon Offset Program. The M·Y·O Cosmetic Clutch is not only great for your beauty routine, it’s great for the planet too.

“We are extremely excited to share ‘a new way to beauty’ with Oscar nominees. It is our wish that they, or a friend, will love the convenience of using our eco-chic M·Y·O Cosmetic Clutch,” says Suzanne.

M·Y·O Cosmetic Clutch (kit) Price: $45 USD

  • 3 M·Y·O Beauty Pods™ (2 x 1.4g and 1 x 1.7g)
  • 2 M·Y·O Style Sticks™
  • 1 Double-Ended Eye Shadow Brow Brush (Pro-Quality and Cruelty-Free)
  • 1 M·Y·O Cosmetic Circlet™ (Color options: Black, Silver, Fuchsia or Turquoise)

About Suzanne Carter

At a business conference in 2015, a rough drawing of her product idea drew praise from Shark Tank entrepreneur Kevin Harrington, and Suzanne knew she had something.

Working with a professional team of researchers, top design engineers, makeup artists, cosmetic company owners and target focus groups of millennial women, Suzanne was able to confirm that indeed she was not alone in her desire for a more streamlined and customizable cosmetic solution. In 2017, she began the premium beauty brand M.Y.O. (Makeup Your Own) Cosmetic Cases and launched a first-of-its-class beauty case for the liberated woman: M·Y·O Cosmetic Clutch. In just a few short months, her empowered approach to cosmetics grabbed the attention of the cosmetics industry.

Special awards and recognition

  • 2017 Cosmoprof Trendsetter Award-Winning Product
  • Official Presenter/Performer Gift Bags for the 60th GRAMMY Awards® 
  • “Everyone Wins” Gift Bags for Top Oscar Nominees

Contact: Suzanne Carter, Founder
Cell: 778-222-5555         

Source: MYO Cosmetic Cases Inc.


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