Award-Winning Author Erica Moffett Writes About Her Extreme Sports Experiences on CultureSonar

Read about Erica's journeys, including extreme open-water swimming at CultureSonar, a popular site for Gen Xers and Boomers.

Erica L. Moffett, English Channel Swim

​​​​​​​​​​Erica Moffett, athlete and author of the award-winning children's illustrated book, "Erica from AmericaSwimming from Europe to Africa" writes about her personal experiences with extreme sports, including  swimming the English Channel and The Strait of Gibraltar.  Her article, "Going the (Extreme) Distance on Land and Sea" is her first post on the popular site, CultureSonar.

Erica's story includes her experiences with intense training and swimming after years of very little exercise, inspiring others to pursue sports at any age.  Erica's positive outlook on life, her love of swimming and "can-do" attitude are apparent in her writing.

I am excited about writing for CultureSonar and if my story can inspire just one person that you can do anything you put your mind to, and just get up and get going, then I am very happy.

Erica Moffett, Author

Look for scheduled book signings and appearances with Erica at swimming facilities across the country, where she will be promoting "Erica from America: Swimming from Europe to Africa​" to the future generation of swimmers.

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About Erica Moffett:

Erica Moffett is a freelance writer when she is not working at her day job as the Managing Director & Associate Director of Equity Research at Oppenheimer or swimming in the pools, rivers, or oceans.

"Erica from America: Swimming from Europe to Africa" is her first children’s book and it is based on her own swim from Europe to Africa, which was one of her first big open water swims. Subsequently she went on to swim the English Channel, the Manhattan Island Marathon Swim, and the Catalina Channel, along with a few others (though those are the big ones). More Erica from America books are planned, though they may involve some other adventure other than swimming.

She is also working on a memoir about her own adoption experience and is going back to search for her birth family (see the section “Are You My Mother?” for a preview), and when she has the time, she also writes reviews for (and just for fun!).

For all the latest updates, follow Erica on Twitter, @ericalmoffett; on Facebook at (look for ericafromamericabook); or on Instagram (ericalmoffett).

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