Avid Entrepreneur Launch Comprehensive Platform on American Genealogy

Before Me Genealogy, a one-of-a-kind platform created to consolidate American genealogy statistics and research in one place, this week officially opened their platform to all interested individuals looking to learn more about their history and culture. Specifically designed for descendants of the Mayflower living in America today, individuals of any background can benefit from reading the updated blogs and perusing the available information on the site.

“We are combining ads and blogs to tell people more about genealogy,” said Esther Irish, Co-Founder and Owner of Before Me Genealogy. “It’s so important to take the time to learn about our ancestors, culture, customs, and heritage. Before Me Genealogy makes it easy and fun to follow along and read interesting information and research, and share it with family members to better reconnect with the past.”

Everyone is curious about his or her forefathers, and Before Me Genealogy makes accessing the often-elusive information easier.

For more information, or to start tracing ancestral lines today, visit: www.beforemegenealogy.com.



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