Aviation Festival Americas 2024 Has Partnered With RozieAI for a Smarter Event Experience

Aviation Festival Americas 2024 has partnered with RozieAI for a smarter event experience

RozieAI proudly announces its partnership with Aviation Festival Americas 2024, where it will serve as the AI partner, showcasing cutting-edge AI to enhance the event experience. By delivering real-time insights, concise summaries, and key themes, the RozieAI Synopsis for Events solution is ready to reimagine the conference experience at the festival.

“Our goal was to supercharge attendee engagement and extract real-time insights from speakers and discussions,” says Lochlainn Byrne, Business Development Manager, Aviation Festival Americas. “We wanted attendees to effortlessly revisit key takeaways, solidify their learning, and enhance event value by facilitating seamless sharing of insights within organizations.”

“To achieve these objectives, we partnered with RozieAI to tailor their Synopsis for Events solution. Leveraging pre-built language AI services that power enterprise CX innovation – from self-service to smart contact centers – the RozieAI team customized the solution within a mere two weeks,” he added.

At the core of RozieAI's Synopsis for Events solution lies the ELSA - Experience Language Services and Applications platform that promises simplified Generative AI integration, reduced innovation costs, faster time to market, and a unified engagement context. This platform enables organizations to create experiences while prioritizing responsible, managed, and configurable AI practices.

“Generative AI enables organizations to enhance and scale personalized travel experiences, optimizing business value and lowering cost,” explains Vijay Dheap, Chief Solutions Officer, RozieAI. “To realize its true potential though, brands need to be empowered to innovate confidently, leveraging the evolving tech. Inertia often stems from diverse tech options and the need to prevent siloed experiences. RozieAI's ELSA - Experience Language Services and Applications, is designed to abstract out the technical complexity, while still offering choice and reducing the time-to-market to introduce innovative AI experiences for travel.”

RozieAI’s ELSA platform brings a portfolio of benefits to the table. From pre-built language AI services to low-code and no-code tools for streamlined implementation, organizations achieve complete control over their AI experience. Scalability and cost-effectiveness are paramount, ensuring maximum value for partners.

As the aviation industry gears up for another milestone event, RozieAI looks to redefine the boundaries of CX innovation. Join us at Aviation Festival Americas 2024 and experience the future of events, powered by AI.

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