Aver Informatics and Wellbe Announce Collaboration on Episodic Care Analytics

Claims, clinical and patient-generated data offer new insights into episodes of care

Aver Informatics, Inc. and Wellbe, Inc. announced a collaboration today at the Medical Informatics World conference to pair their two healthcare solutions to tackle the complexities of value-based episodes of care.

"Healthcare administrators making the transition to accountable care have a real need for visibility and data across the entire episode, regardless of where services are delivered," said James Dias, CEO of Wellbe, Inc. "Combining our patient-facing coordination platform with Aver's underlying analytics engine gives leaders the tools they need to drive program improvements and competitive advantage."

Wellbe's CarePath Automation helps to keep patients engaged and on track with their care plans, and collects patient-generated data at key points along the care continuum, providing leading indicators for possible intervention needs.

Aver Informatics' real-time analytics platform reaches beyond the claims silo and integrates different datasets to enhance traditional population health management. The integration of Wellbe's patient-generated data gives analysts and administrators a spectrum of new insights to care episodes.

"Integrating patient-generated data is a first for Aver. Our flexible rules-based big data platform makes it easy to combine almost any kind of data imaginable," said Kurt Brenkus, CEO of Aver Informatics, Inc. "Combining claims, clinical and patient-generated data elements sets a new precedent for the next generation of patient care insights."

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