Avalon Lords Dawn Rises Hits Early Access

Independant developer Animus Interactive launched their new Real Time Strategy game, Avalon Lords Dawn Rises, on Steam's Early Access platform today. Avalon Lords Dawn Rises features massive single and multiplayer battles, set against a fantasy storyline inspired by Arthurian mythos. Players build kingdoms, assemble armies, defend their territory and wage war against their enemies.

Avalon Lords Dawn Rises is a medieval real time strategy game set in the land of Spero, which will feature multiplayer combat and an upcoming single-player campaign. In the single-player campaign. Players start as a commander within the city of Avon, one of Spero’s five city states. Avon is under attack from the treacherous Speran Alliance and players aid King Lutherian in defending their homeland and fighting to conquer the warring Factions. The ultimate goal is to unite all five Factions under the banner of the Order of Dawn.

Avalon Lords Dawn Rises supports up to six players in all out Team Deathmatch or Free-For-All battles. Players build cities and armies in Conflict Mode for an expansive military campaign of conquest.  In Battle Mode, competitors can jump straight into the action as they skirmish with friends, taking their armies into the fight for world domination. In Empire Mode, players can join one of the five Factions and battle for domination of a persistent multiplayer map.

Key Features

  • Massive-scale combat: Avalon Lords: Dawn Rises features both single- and multiplayer battles set on expansive 3-D maps.    

  • Kingdom building: Players gather resources, place buildings, and raise powerful armies to defend their castles and defeat their enemies.

  • Online multiplayer support: Take to the battlefield with up to six players in Team Deathmatch or Free-For-All matches.

  • Three challenging modes of play:

    • Empire Mode: Join friends and allies to battle other player-led Factions in this rich, multiplayer campaign. Dominance is key, and controlling the most territory leads to victory.

    • Battle Mode: Use the Army Builder to form armies then pit them against other players in furious online battles!                    ​

    • Conflict Mode: Wage war on other players by building cities, collecting resources and raising armies to conquer the map.            

To request a Steam Key, please contact Dan Long at press@animusinteractive.com

Source: Animus Interactive


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