AVA Recycling Offering Computer Recycling And Data Destruction Services

AVA Recycling, a Chicago based company is offering electronics and computer recycling, and data destruction services. The company is famous as the premier service provider in Chicago for recycling all kinds of electronics, metals and junk products.

AVA Recycling provides electronics recycling, computer recycling and data destruction services at reasonable charges. The company offers exceptional services for both corporate and business customers.

AVA Recycling can recycle and destroy data from various devices such as banking and financial equipment, printers and copiers, televisions, monitors – crt’s and flat screens, medical equipment, fax machines and central office equipment, rechargeable batteries, stereo equipment, games, PDA’s, electronic circuit boards and components, computers, laptops, mainframes, peripherals, telephones, cell phones and telephone systems among others. 

Speaking to media, a representative from the company said, “We are intended to assist our clients get the recycling services at the lowest possible price in Chicago. Here we use the top quality and high powered tools to ensure the recycling procedure completes in no time. AVA Recycling will make sure the entire data is damaged. We work with an aim to destroy all the important information related with your company so that it cannot be found by anyone or received by any rival and individual.” He further added, “Our aim is to be the most preferred company in Chicago for providing exclusive services for data destruction.”

The Recycling procedure in AVA Electronics is HIPAA, FACTA and Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act compliant. The information is destroyed in a method set by the government, which simply means that one can ensure that there is no leakage of any information. The company provides free pick up service for large quantities for free. AVA uses efficient and most recent equipment and programs according to the drives potential for reuse. 

AVA offers certified OFF-site Hard Drive shredding in Chicago and specializes in hard drive punching. The company also provides on-site hard drive punching at a lower rate as compared to hard drive shredding.

About AVA Recycling
AVA Recycling is a renowned data recycling company based in Chicago. The company is family owned and operated since 2008.  It is IL EPA registered collector and offers most efficient electronics recycling service. 


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About AVA Recycling

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AVA Electronics Recycling is a Chicago computer recycling company. We are the Premier Chicago Computer Electronics Recycling company of all types of electronics, metals and junk vehicles.

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