AVA.codes Transforms Into the Frontend Company, Shaping the Future of Interfaces

AVA.codes, an IT company specializing in transforming creative software design concepts into user interfaces, announces its rebranding as The Frontend Company.

The Frontend Company

With seven years of growth, development, and extensive experience in UX/UI design and frontend development, The Frontend Company is ready to embark on a new chapter of innovation and groundbreaking solutions.

Under the new name and branding, The Frontend Company aims to emphasize its commitment to driving innovation and shaping the future of interfaces. The rebranding signifies a shift towards building something new and great, leveraging the company's expertise and passion in the industry.

Founder and CEO, Alex Vasylenko, expresses his excitement about this significant step for The Frontend Company and its vision for the future as a frontend development company. The name change reflects the company's deep respect and appreciation for its dedicated team and their invaluable contributions.

The Frontend Company's updated positioning revolves around four core values: Obsession, Progress, Trust, and Joy. These values guide the company's approach to delivering exceptional UI/UX design & research and frontend development services.

Notably, The Frontend Company has transitioned from an outstaffing model to prioritizing outsourcing, offering clients dedicated teams of specialists tailored to execute specific projects. This new approach ensures seamless integration with clients' internal teams or operations, providing a superior collaboration experience.

In addition to its service offerings, The Frontend Company has expanded its focus to include the development of its own libraries and dashboard solutions. This strategic move allows the company to enhance and customize solutions for each client faster, catering to their unique needs and ensuring the highest level of user satisfaction.

Source: The Frontend Company

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The Frontend Company
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