Automatic Braking Reduces Injuries & Saves Lives

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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has announced that they will be adding automatic braking to their 5-star safety ratings. This is a move that will have a far reaching impact that will reduce injuries and save many lives over the coming years.

Automatic braking technology combines sensors and brake controls to reduce the speed of impact during a collision. Some systems are capable of preventing collisions altogether. The systems utilize either GPS, radar, lasers, or a combination of these to determine when an object is approaching the vehicle. If they determine a collision is imminent, they automatically activate the brakes without any input required from the driver.

When discussing the NHTSA's decision to include automatic braking in their rating system, Las Vegas car accident lawyer George T. Bochanis remarked "This will most certainly result in fewer low-speed collisions and otherwise preventable accidents. In particular, rear-end collisions caused when vehicles approach stop lights and stop signs."

The NHTSA is working auto manufacturers to make auto avoidance collision devices standard equipment on all new cars. They have not announced a timeline for this; however, have received a favorable response from 10 of the world's leading automobile manufacturers for the proposal. Using the NHTSA's own estimates, these devices could prevent or mitigate up to 80 of all rear-end collisions. These types of accidents are responsible for over 1700 deaths, and nearly 500,000 injuries every year.

"Drivers expect to have airbags, seatbelts, and anti-lock braking systems installed on their vehicles. Coupled with the addition of automatic braking systems, these safety devices will go a long way towards improving driving safety and could significantly reduce the number of injuries drivers and pedestrians suffer each year," commented Las Vegas car accident attorney George T. Bochanis.

Equally as important, the decision to include automatic braking systems as standard safety equipment on all new vehicles will drive the cost of the devices down for consumers. Thus, in the coming years drivers who want to have the systems on their existing vehicles will find plenty of options for $400-$500 that can be installed by their local dealership.