Automate Interchange Optimization and Level III Processing

Add Thousands Or More To Your Bottom Line Without Having To Do Any Extra Work

Revolution Payments

Revolution Payments, the leading authority when it comes to Level III processing reveals technology that helps businesses capture 1%-1.5% additional interchange revenue on credit cards accepted from businesses or government.

For almost any business, credit card fees are a common cause of concern. They can often rank in the top 5 of a business’s expenses.

Despite what most businesses have been led to believe about rates and fees, 75%-90% of the fees they pay to accept credit cards has zero to do with their processors rate.

This is a result of interchange. Interchange is set by the card brands and non-negotiable. Interchange is the same regardless of the processor you choose.

The only cost that is variable is what a credit card processor or merchant service provider is charging for Processing Services.

This is why level III processing is vital for businesses accepting commercial or government credit cards. Level III processing allows a business to convert a large chunk of interchange back to its own bottom line.

For commercial, business & government credit card transactions, interchange rates fall into 1 of 3 different interchange categories. Level 1, level 2 or level 3. The higher the level the lower the interchange rate.

Only transactions including level III detail are eligible to receive level III interchange rates.

The example below taken from Visa's website shows the difference in interchange costs when you accept a commercial card with vs without level III detail.

  • Commercial card level III has an interchange cost of 1.90% + $0.10
  • Commercial card not present has an interchange cost of 2.70% +$0.10

An interchange difference of 80 basis points, before a processor adds their processing fee.

Revolution Payments offers is a proprietary payment solution that works like this: For all credit card transactions … whether processed online or entered manually on a PC or mobile device ... their system automatically detects whether a transaction is eligible to receive level II or level III interchange rates, and auto-populates this transaction detail without the businesses having to manually entering anything.

This eliminates the 7-13 fields of additional data a merchant generally has to enter to receive level III processing interchange rates. E-commerce businesses that typically would not be eligible to receive level III interchange rates can now lower their cost of accepting commercial cards by 30%-40%.

Merchants interested in learning more about Revolution payments should contact Sean Jones at Sean(at)revolution-payments(dot)com.

Source: Revolution Payments