AutoBcon Prepares to Launch Kickstarter Campaign

AutoBcon wants you to "live to die another day" and make your vehicle smarter with this innovative, multi-feature beacon device.

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We may live in a smart world, but not everyone has a smart car, bicycle, or motorbike. To make the road a safer place, Magic Bros SL has developed and patented autoBcon, a smart device placed in a user's vehicle that has a wireless connection to the user's smartphone. Now, they plan to launch a crowdfunding campaign to help get autoBcon to the public. autoBcon is designed to make any vehicle smarter, regardless of the its make, model, or age. It will be inexpensive and subscription-free.

“We have searched the market and nobody has a product that has a full suite of functions like what we have at the price we are planning to send to market.  Our objective is to make it so affordable that everyone can make their car smarter and have access to technology that can protect their property and lives.” –Javier Paz, Founder and CEO of Magic Bros SL

About the Magic Bros SL: We use our expertise to create technologies like the autoBcon. With our designs, we hope to improve the everyday lives of motorists and make the road a safer place.

See Tho Yong Yang, Vice President - Business Development

autoBcon’s benefits can be broken down into two categories: time-saving and safety. The application can:

•                     Share available parking information seamlessly and anonymously with other users

•                     Detect where you parked your vehicle and guides you back if you forget where you parked

•                     Track location of car in the event of theft

•                     Automatically send user’s location to emergency contacts in the event of a crash

autoBcon eliminates the frustration and time-wasting of parking by helping users find empty parking spaces. It does this by marking spots that other autoBcon users have recently vacated. It also helps users by guiding them back to the location of their car if they forget where they have parked. autoBcon doesn’t require users to open the app and mark their car, bicycle, or motorbike’s location—the app automatically connects to the device located in the car, making it easy and quick to locate the car. These features benefit everyone on the road and make it safer and less congested for all motorists.

The safety features of autoBcon are indispensible in case of emergency. Vehicle thefts are far too common—in the US, a car is stolen every 44 seconds. With autoBcon’s location tracker, victims of car theft have the power to fight back and to recover their stolen property quickly. Even more urgently, over 1.24 million people die on the roads annually. In a motor vehicle accident, every second counts. autoBcon will automatically detect the impact of a crash and instantly send an alert to the user’s emergency contacts, allowing the user to get help quickly.

A crowdfunding campaign is planned for later this year, with manufacturing and distribution to begin as soon as we meet our goal. Help us bring smart car technology to the public at an affordable price.

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About autobcon

Magic Bros SL is incorporated in Barcelona, Spain. We use our expertise to create technologies like the autoBcon. With our innovation, we hope to improve the everyday lives of motorists and make the road a safer place.

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