Auto Multi Channel Fulfillment by WebBee is Now Available on Shopify and Amazon Marketplace App Store

The Auto multichannel fulfillment app that has the potential to make the e-commerce world go crazy is WebBee's app for Amazon FBA. The Amazon FBA app supplies businesses with the possibility to utilize enterprise shipping without excessive overhead. With this Amazon FBA shipping app, users can fulfill their multi-channel FBA orders from Shopify store orders. The Auto Multi-channel Fulfillment Shopify app has a user-friendly interface so it can be used without any hindrance.​

The procedure for installing the Auto Multi-channel Fulfillment app is quite simple. Install this application appropriately and link your merchandise with Amazon, which is a global leader in fulfillment services.

This app utilizes the multi-channel fulfillment functionality of Amazon FBA and is available in all Amazon marketplaces, including the USA, U.K., all other European marketplaces, and Australia.

Distinctive features of the Auto Multi-channel Fulfillment Shopify App:

1) Link your shipping fulfillment from Shopify to Amazon FBA

2) Integrated inventory levels

3) The even-textured mapping between Amazon and Shopify SKU's

​4) Bundles are supported

5) Sync notification shipping emails to buyers

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