Author to Talk about OFW's Potential for Success in "Abroad Me" Book Launch

"Abroad Me" author, Anne Quintos, will have a short talk and mini-workshop on how Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) can succeed in their professional and personal life while abroad.

“Why do you want to work abroad?” The same motivation is true to millions of overseas Filipino workers (OFW): to earn more money. True enough, the standard of living of many families are uplifted by money from OFWs.

But for Anne Quintos, author of Abroad Me: 22 Success Strategies for Young Overseas Filipinos, OFWs owe themselves the true and correct answer for their choice to uproot themselves from home. This will be the topic of her talk during the book launch of Abroad Me on October 11, 5:30 p.m., at Fully Booked Fort Bonifacio branch.

"The first of its kind, a book that every OFW should have."

Jasmin Cajiuat

Financial adviser and a former OFW

“This responsibility goes beyond the billion dollar remittances we send back home,” she said. She believes that it’s the key to anyone’s success.  

The book Abroad Me is her contribution to guiding young professionals into making the right steps as they move overseas. The book is divided into three parts: preparing for departure to another country, adapting to a new culture, and planning for a career.

Designed for the social-media savvy generation, Abroad Me’s 22 chapters read like blogs and contain simple yet engaging workbook-style reflections. For each chapter, there are even recommended hash tags to use in social media to connect with other readers. 

Abroad Me is described as “an eye-opener” by Regina Arquiza, a Migrant Media and Advocacy awardee by the Commission on Filipinos Overseas.  Former OFWs also give the book an approving nod, such as financial adviser Jasmin Cajiuat, who says Abroad Me is “the first of its kind, a book that every OFW should have.”

A book signing follows after Quintos’ short talk. Refreshments and popular finger foods from OFW hotspots around the world will be served.

Abroad Me will be available in Fully Booked and National Bookstore branches. For OFWs anywhere else in the world, the book may also be ordered on For a preview and for bonus content, go to 


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